At Deen A. Mosudi and Co. we offer you quality and the best accounting services across board from bank transaction audit, taxation and tax management, auditing and investigation, reconciliation and verification of accounts etc.

Invest your time and efforts on running your business. Leave the accounting to us.


What I do


Accounting Services

Auditing and Investigation

  • Statutory auditing in compliance with Companies and Allied Matters Decree 1990.
  • Auditing and investigations tailored to meet the need of various businesses. Enquiries and various investigation panels.
  • Management Audit – to enhance administrative and financial/accounting efficiency, improve overall performance and enhance corporate goals and objectives.


Development, Maintenance and Update of Fixed Asset Register


We shall a highly professional skill in the listing, physical verification and valuation of the Fixed Assets. Our Fixed Asset listing shall show the Asset number, Description of the items; Types/Model; Location. Year of purchase, Cost, Annual Depreciation etc. to enable the top management has a definite knowledge of their Assets to enable them make sound management decision about the asset replacement, sale, scrap etc.


Tax Services

Taxation and Tax Management

  • Corporate Tax Planning
  • Expatriate Tax Consultancy
  • Executive Compensation Planning
  • Tax Compliance services – these include:
  1. Preparing the company’s taxation computation based on the audited account.
  2. Reviewing the amount of tax provision to be included in the accounts of the company.
  3. Application, follow up and obtaining the company’s Income Tax clearance certificate on an annual basis.
  4. Filling the statutory tax returns on behalf of the company and dealing with queries raised by the Federal Inland Revenue department on the statutory tax returns.

Financial Advisory

Corporate and Secretarial Advisory Services

  • Alteration of articles and Memorandum of Association.
  • Incorporation and registration of new companies and associations.
  • Companied secretaryship including preparation for Board and General Meetings.
  • Maintaining register of members, Directors etc. minutes Book Share certificates and Company’s Seal, Effecting Allotments, Transfer and increase in share capital.
  • Advising clients generally in Exchange Control, immigration formalities, export and import licensing procedures and provision of companies and Allied Matters Decree 1990 many other statute regulating business activities in Nigeria.
  • Filling of relevant returns with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) including Annual Returns (Form E), Return of Allotment of Shares (FORM CO2), Appointments, Resignation of Director (FORM CO7) etc.

Accounting Management Scheme (Book Keeping Accounting)

  • Periodic preparation of financial statements, together with relevant schedules
  • Designing and installation of financial accounting and cost accounting systems.
  • Valuation of Business (Assets and Liabilities) for the purpose of acquisition, accounts segmentation;
  1. Customers’ and suppliers’ accounts reconciliation.
  2. Physical stocktaking and stock control
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